Bedrooms Ethnic Rugs

Bedrooms are the most personal space in the house. It is important that we feel very comfortable in it and that it transmits pleasant sensations.

We love bedrooms that reflect the personality of those who live in them, we don’t like them to look like impersonal hotels.

Textiles play an essential role in giving warmth to a space. You can mix textures and colors until you find the perfect formula.

If we want to give a fresh and bright air to the bedroom, we can put linen curtains, paint the walls white, dress the bed also in white and give it a touch of color with our ethnic cushions. Placing a plaid at the foot of the bed will help make the room more joyful and comfortable.

Did you know that ethnic rugs are originally blankets? Place them as such or at the foot of the bed as a plaid. They are pleasant to the touch (important if you lean on the bed when dressing) and very durable. This way you can rest your feet or even your suitcase without worrying. It looks spectacular, especially when the bed is dressed in white and the ethnic rug takes center stage!

You can put a full carpet covering a large part of the bed as in this case.

Or use an ethnic runner rug, which would be half an ethnic rug, at the feet.

Can you imagine an even more special piece that will revolutionize your bedroom by becoming the star piece? We make ethnic headboards to measure and they look spectacular.

We have two types, which cover the entire surface of the headboard, like the one in the image:

Or headboards with over-webbing, upholstered in a neutral or colored fabric that highlights the loom, and the loom overlay, sewn on top. A very original headboard that gives us a lot of freedom in the dimensions and allows us to show off the perimeter of ethnic rugs!

We invite you to keep getting inspired to design the bedroom of your dreams, you will find more photos on Pinterest and if you want us to help you, we are at your disposal via WhatsApp on 674967778.

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