In Search of Ethnic Rugs

Discover the origin of the Ethnic Carpets and join me in search of the most spectacular handmade looms.

With this video, we want to spread and recognize what is behind a cushion of bright colors or a bench upholstered with our fabrics, we seek to convey in images the “handmade” that we repeat every time you ask us about the products of Alfombras Étnicas.

Meet a family of artisans who live in an isolated house, more than 4,500 meters above sea level, where most of us find it hard to breathe. There, high in the Andes, there are families who pass on the art of weaving from generation to generation and, inspired by nature, make the wonderful looms we work with and call Ethnic Carpets.

Each of the looms I choose personally and I see in them the talent and emotions with which it is woven. I also try to interpret the stories they tell, because each of the Ethnic Carpets is unique and unrepeatable.

I hope you enjoy joining me on this journey in the Peruvian Andean Altiplano.

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