Ethnic cushion CE057 50x30cm


50x30cm ethnic cushion made with an Andean loom woven at an altitude of 3,000 meters above sea level. It has vertical fuchsia and yellow borders, a very cheerful and taurine color combination.

Each ethnic cushion is a unique piece, being such a manual work, they present imperfections and small differences from one to another. Its back is smooth in strawberry color and has a zipper.

The filler cushion is sold separately, you can find it here.

The looms are made of 100% sheep wool. As they are dyed with natural pigments, their color may vary and they are sensitive to direct light. In the blog of Alfombras étnicasyou can learn a little more about ‘the process of natural coloring of wool through natural elements that they collect in the area. You will understand why so much fuchsia!

We recommend dry cleaning.

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