Ethnic Cushion CES018 50x30cm


50x30cm ethnic cushion made of sheep wool woven by hand in the high Andes. It has floral-inspired drawings in shades of purplish blue framed in diamonds on an orange background. On the upper part there is a strip with red and gray drawings. These cushions are made with different ethnic carpet parts, they are all different, their pattern may vary.

The front is part of a hand-woven loom woven high in the Andes, this one specifically is Peruvian. The looms are woven by hand and may differ slightly from one another.

They have a zipper and the back is plain in ecru.

The filler cushion is sold separately, you can find it here.

The looms of the ethnic cushions are made of 100% sheep wool. As wool is dyed with natural pigments, its color may vary and it is sensitive to direct light.

We recommend dry cleaning.

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