Ethnic cushion CC041 50x50cm


50x50cm ethnic cushion made of sheep wool woven by hand in the high Andes. It has a mottled background in cauldron and garnet tones separated by two smooth fuchsia and petrol blue borders. It combines very well with its sister cushion CC044.

The peruvian cushion has a zipper and a plain ecru backing.

The filler cushion is sold separately, you can find it here.

The front is part of a hand-woven loom high in the Andes. The looms are woven on backstrap looms, tied at one end to a wooden stake and at the other to the waist of the weaver, who works seated. These very authentic looms are not homogeneous, so the cushions may differ slightly from one to another.

The looms of the ethnic cushions are made of 100% sheep wool. As wool is dyed with natural pigments, its color may vary and it is sensitive to direct light.

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