Ethnic Rug AD036 155x152cm


Ethnic rug 155x152cm made of sheep wool woven high in the Andes. It has a mottled background with mustard borders, a very unusual color, pinks and aqua green. It features two large burgundy patterned borders with a vanilla background. A very original ethnic rug.

This rug is hand-woven in the South American Altiplano. It has been woven on a wooden loom that is tied at one end to a pole and at the other end to the weaver’s waist. An alpaca bone has been used to braid the wool to make the drawings. Being such a manual work can present small irregularities and “perfect” imperfections.

The looms are made of 100% sheep’s wool dyed with natural pigments. Its color may vary and it is sensitive to direct light.

We recommend dry cleaning the carpet.

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