Ethnic bed headboard 140x70cm

Ethnic headboard upholstered with an ethnic loom, hand woven at more than 3500 meters in the Peruvian Andes. It is upholstered on a wooden base covered with foam to make it soft and comfortable. We deliver it ready to hang on the wall, with the hooks on the back. Combine it with a neutral bedspread and give a unique and very special touch to the bedroom.

Ethnic headboards are made to order, made to measure, upholstered with your favorite ethnic rug. More information by phone 674967778 or by email

The dimensions of the headboard in this model will have to be adjusted to the size of the carpet. We have another more flexible model that can be adapted to any size.

The looms are made of 100% sheep’s wool dyed with natural pigments. It is sensitive to direct sunlight, its color may vary.

Reference prices:

80x70cm:450€ / 90x70cm:465€ / 100x70cm:480€ / 110x70cm:495€ / 120x70cm:510€ / 130x70cm:525€ / 140x70cm:540€ / 140x70cm:540€.

150x70cm:555€ / 160x70cm:570€ / 170x70cm:585€ / 180x70cm:600€ / 190x70cm:615€ / 200×70: 630€.

210x70cm: 645€ / 220x70cm: 660€ / 230x70cm: 675€ / 240x70cm: 690€ / 240x70cm: 690€.


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