Solidarity Nativity Scenes

Christmas is a time for good wishes and in Alfombras Étnicas we go a step further and bet on good deeds with the launch of a collection of solidarity nativity scenes. It is a collection of 5 models of clay nativity scenes that you can buy on our website. 100% of the profits generated from its sale will be donated to the Prodeín Foundation for the renovation of two soup kitchens.

Here you can see the solidarity cribs of ethnic carpets. They are clay nativity scenes, in the following video you can put a face to the artisan who makes them and learn about his exceptional work.

Returning to the social work, we can tell you that one of the canteens that we will refurbish with the sale of the cribs is in Pomacanchi, where the students of the Didascalio San José Obrero school have breakfast and lunch daily and free of charge, students who walk to school from their homes, which are generally isolated at high altitudes and can make daily journeys of up to two hours.

The other dining room is in Cuzco and is used by the school’s most vulnerable children and young people, who cannot buy lunch at the school’s kiosk. Also students from a trade school and, after hours, homeless and vagrants.

With this initiative we jointly help you, with the purchase of the cribs, and Alfombras Étnicas with our work, with which we seek to continue improving the living conditions and visibility  of one of the most exceptional areas of the world, the Andean Altiplano.

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